Track and trace solutions will help in identifying the weak links within a supply chain and authenticate a wide array of individual products and components. It helps in identifying the track conditions for preventing any product damage, diversion, or waste and also takes control of the carbon footprint. The insights that you get from the track and trace solutions will empower you in making instant informed decisions to optimize the daily operations needed to protect your brand. Also, it helps you to increase proximity and real-time contact with partners and end-users

Fake products do have fatal consequences for the end-users. For the manufacturers, the counterfeits can cause damage to their reputation and they incur high expenses as well. The increasing volume of online sales is one of the most important reasons for the rise of fake products. Production outsourcing and long supply chains offer more opportunities for counterfeit products to get into the market. The worst part is they still might go undetected. To ensure a safer supply chain, it is imperative for the business organization to adhere to strict serialization, aggregation, and traceability of products.

QR Code Solutions for Pharmaceutical

One of the most important benefits of track and trace solutions is, the technology offers data-rich and fact-based reporting for the inspectors. With business intelligence reports and alerts you will stay informed at every step.

Protecting your brand is another important benefit of choosing track and trace solutions. You will be able to secure packaging and authentication capabilities that enable you to keep consumers safe. Thus, your customers can trust you. This solution offers insights into where the frauds take place in the gray market.

You can engage with your customers with track and trace solutions because it creates added value for the brand and extends your loyalty program. Also, you get access to valuable market insights that include the end user’s profile and data.

Our Specializations:

1) Stock Trace & Track for Consumer Appliances and Durables
  • With our proficient Dynamic QR Code track and trace solutions, you can manage products in the warehouses as well. We make it easy to track products throughout the distribution network in the market.
  • Our expert business analysist will make sure you experience effective channel management. You will have complete control to track the inventory and its movement in the market.
2) Trace and Track for Auto Industries

Our professional and certified technicians can deliver solutions that offer automakers and suppliers a complete chain-of-custody while tracking the authentication parts and accessories. Right from the item level traceability from the point of production to the end-user-delivery, we shall make sure that everything is traceable. In fact, the best part is, at every point through the supply chain, the auto part will be authenticated and verified. Thus, it will allow the companies to identify and quarantine fraudulent parts while tracing the diversions of the genuine parts.

3) Trace and track for FMCG

Tracking the package of the final product within the boxes to the skid through the package list, we are here to make sure that everything is handled seamlessly. Also, we shall make it easy to manage products in the warehouses as well. You can track products throughout the distribution network in the market. Also, we make sure there is effective channel management. You can track inventory and its movement throughout the market. We make sure that every brand is secure against counterfeit products.

How do trace and track solutions work?

  • The first step is to identify every product with a serial number. The serial number is the unique identification number of the item and it individualizes the product within the supply chain.
  • The next step is when the product has already entered into the database, the serial number is monitored. This is what creates real-time visibility at every step of the supply chain.
  • Next is, the traceability platform will collect data from every product and it is used to make real-time decisions. You will only own the data and also will determine which is the most relevant data for the operations.
  • Once the product is received, the consumers will also be able to check the history for its authenticity and also check any other relevant information. This can be done by simply scanning the barcode Dynamic Unique QR Code.

Gazelle Trace and Track allows you in viewing data through multidimensional context. This will strengthen the authentication and protect against any counterfeit and gray-market diversion. Also, it will help in winning any litigation, all thanks to the item-level traceability and chain-of-custody reports.