Why Gazelle Digitals Warehouse Management System

In a supply chain, the warehouse is perhaps the most critical part. Hence, it’s absolutely imperative to have a detailed view of the operation. In this case, the use of software plays a huge role in warehouse management solution.
Being one of the best warehouse management software companies in India, we have come up with Gazelle warehouse management software application that specializes in supporting the day-to-day operations within a warehouse. It will also make your long-term savings much more seamless.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Solution

One of the greatest benefits of the software is that it allows you to have a centralized system where you can manage different warehouse management tasks through a user-friendly interface. This software can be accessed through a handheld device or a tablet working in the warehouse or a desktop in the office.

With this in place, you can easily run your warehouse efficiently without incurring any major loss while handling different warehouse processes. When you know exactly how much to re-order and when to place the re-order, you can improve your services a lot in terms of customer satisfaction.

We do understand the problems with your inventory when it comes to the Warehouse management system. Now, how can you solve them?

WMS System Resolve Inventory Issues

Perhaps the best approach to tackle your inventory issues is to introduce automation and checks to your counts. ERP integration for WMS is a great approach for inventors. They can make it seamless for you to understand what you have and keep those counts accurate. Now, you can save money on storage and labour, and this sticking with the software for your warehouse management solutions is perhaps the best thing to do.

The design of the Dynamic QR code has three distinctive squares at the corners of the QR image. The processor locates these squares using the smaller square present near the fourth corner to normalize the size of the image, its orientation, and its view angle.

Then the small dots present on the QR code image are converted to binary numbers and get it validated with an error-correcting algorithm.

WMS Software Solution Tracking System

Look for WMS solutions that have you scan goods as they’re moved. Find something that tracks every step or change, including:

  • When goods are received
  • When you break down a pallet or carton into individual units
  • When you create a kit out of multiple SKUs
  • As goods are put away on shelves
  • As goods are picked from shelves and orders are filled
  • When an order moves to a pack station, scanning the entire order before the packing process starts
  • And when items need to be returned to shelves under unusual circumstances, such as returns or cancelled orders.

Apart from this, another major issue regarding this system can be the location. Not only do you need to know where individual elements are as they move through the fulfilment process, but you must have a big picture about the layout of your warehouse and how it impacts goods storage and your pickers.

If you’re not tracking location or you don’t have a system that keeps the position of products consistent, then it’s going to take pickers longer to find things, slowing down every other point in the shipping process. They’ll also take longer for each pick order, increasing your labour costs per order. ERP System Integration can be a wonderful solution to all this.

Gazelle warehouse management solution can be used independently and as well as with most used ERP, SAP, Oracle, BAAN, Infor L�N and many more.